Wine Tasting Spittoons from Waiter’s Friend

An indispensable tool for every wine tasting, the wine spittoon can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the unsightly to the beautiful, wine tasting spittoons have evolved over the years and here at Waiter’s Friend we’ve put together an unrivalled range.

From disposable floor standing spittoons to top of the range stainless steel spittoons, we’ve a style and a price to suit every budget.

Floor Standing Disposable Spittoon

Made from sturdy black cardboard,

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6 Bottle Wine Cooler Trolley from Waiter’s Friend

Introducing the brand new wine bottle travel solution designed and created by the Waiter’s Friend team.

The innovative cooler bag on wheels provides a hassle free solution for the busy wine professional. Gone are the days of backache and broken cardboard boxes – with the trolley cooler bag your bottles can be safely transported from cellar to sampler without mishap.

Carefully designed to fit 6 bottles, the wine bag with removable,

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Printed Ice Buckets – the unspoken bespoke wine cooling revolution

Chilling in Style. Set up twenty years ago by Paul and Rosemary Fenner, The Waiter’s Friend Company has established itself as a master supplier of printed ice buckets and promotional wine coolers, with a range of custom printed buckets and bowls second to none. So, when it comes to seeking out a branded ice bucket or bowl that will make a strong advertising statement, right at the point of consumption,

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Victoria Azarenka models our professional printed bar aprons and embroidered sommelier aprons from Waiter’s Friend

The distinctive Sommelier Aprons and Waiter’s Aprons worn by the hospitality trades of today have their origins in protective working wear that can be traced back as far as the 12th Century, when they were worn, initially only by men. Traditionally always made from white linen, the word “apron” is a corruption of the French “naperon” the same word used today to describe a small tablecloth or napkin.

However it wasn’t until the 16th and 17th Century that distinctive coloured aprons began to be worn by tradesmen,

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The curious ‘tail’ of the advertising corkscrew and the dog biscuit.

Call me a bit of a wag, but I do like a tale with a twist.  So the story about the printed promotional corkscrew and the first patented dog biscuits, not to mention Cruft’s Dog Show and the X factor, might never have been told, if it hadn’t been for a dearth of thunderstorms in Cincinnati during the latter part of 19th Century.

It all began in 1870 when a young Joseph Westerby started out in life as an apprentice corkscrew maker with the Brookes and Crookes corkscrew factory in Sheffield.

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Introducing the Murano Corkscrew

Introducing the all new Murano model 70 double lift corkscrew.

  • Great action – murano corkscrew has silky smooth double lift action with Teflon worm and self sharpening serrated blade.
  • Great prices – murano is an affordable waiter’s friend
  • Great design – comfortable compact shape with tactile two tone     soft  rubber grips. Patented 2 stage cork lift action.
  • Great colours – more choice than every before.

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Printed DropStops from the UK’s exclusive distributor

DropStop® was invented in 1989 by Brian Vang, following an embarrassing incident with a bottle of red wine, a pristine white tablecloth, and a favourite aunt celebrating her 80th Birthday! To save Brian from the horror of ruining his aunt’s tablecloth again he came up with the idea of the DropStop: a foldable disc designed to slip into the neck of a bottle and ensure a smooth, drip-free pour.

How to use the DropStop®?

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Is your name being seen in all the right places?

Is your name being seen in…the right places?

If your name’s not seen in the right places, you should be talking to us.  Because at the Waiter’s Friend Company, we’ve got more ideas for promoting your name than anyone else.

And whilst we wouldn’t want to name drop, more and more wineries are turning to us for cost-effective Point of Sale that gets their names seen in the wine service environment.

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Does Glass shape influence taste?

The more dedicated wine glass manufacturers think so. That’s why they talk to wine makers and oenologists before bringing out a new design. But it’s something you can easily prove for yourself.Take out as many different glasses as you can lay your hands on. Tumblers, tulips, goblets, flutes, sherry, liquor; it doesn’t really matter other than to get four or five radically different shapes for comparison. Then pour the same wine into each. Give them a good swirl.

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When a Champagne Stopper is also a Holy Rite

Despite a disastrous start to the growing season and a potentially low yield, the latest reports indicate that the current champagne harvest is set to produce some top vintages. Which is good news indeed. For who amongst us doesn’t enjoy dipping our proboscis into a glass or three of the sparkling stuff to inhale those ‘foaming swirls’ so beloved of King Edward V11. Or as Matt Crawford’s more outrageous Little Britain creations might say: “just call me Bubbles darling,

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