Is your name being seen in all the right places?

Is your name being seen in…the right places?

If your name’s not seen in the right places, you should be talking to us.  Because at the Waiter’s Friend Company, we’ve got more ideas for promoting your name than anyone else.

And whilst we wouldn’t want to name drop, more and more wineries are turning to us for cost-effective Point of Sale that gets their names seen in the wine service environment.

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Does Glass shape influence taste?

The more dedicated wine glass manufacturers think so. That’s why they talk to wine makers and oenologists before bringing out a new design. But it’s something you can easily prove for yourself.Take out as many different glasses as you can lay your hands on. Tumblers, tulips, goblets, flutes, sherry, liquor; it doesn’t really matter other than to get four or five radically different shapes for comparison. Then pour the same wine into each. Give them a good swirl.

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