AROMABAR Professional 24 Wine Aromas

AROMABAR Professional 24 Wine Aromas

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From wine amateur to tasting professional – the Waiter’s Friend AROMABAR Professional Kit trains the nose in a fun and exciting way.

Used by Wine Professionals world wide, Waiter’s Friend AROMABAR Wine Aromas familiarise the olfactory system with key wine scents, enhancing your ability to recognise these smells and flavours in wine. As you begin to learn about the different wine scents and tastes you’ll also expand your knowledge about grape varieties and thier typical properties.

Contains 24 typical red and white wine aromas in handy, numbered, multiple-use vials.

1. Pineapple 13. Wild Berries
2. Pear 14. Strawberry
3. Gooseberry 15. Plum
4. Apricot 16. Raspberry
5. Honey 17. Blackcurrant
6. Peach 18. Cherry
7. Banana 19. Blackberry
8. Apple 20. Pepper
9. Orange 21. Violet
10. Grapefruit 22. Almond
11. Fig 23. Green Pepper
12. Lemon 24. Mint


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