DropStop Wine Breather in Folding Card

DropStop Wine Breather in Folding Card

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The brand new DropStop® Wine Breather takes the simplicity of the award-winning DropStop® and combines it with the proven technology of flavour and aroma enhancing wine aeration. As the wine is poured through the DropStop® wine pourer disk it is interrupted by the fluted ribs, which introduce oxygen into the flow and improves the taste of each glass.

And of course the DropStop® Wine Breather does it all without spilling a drop!

The high-perceived value of the dual action DropStop® Wine Breather belies its budget beating cost and feather-weight convenience for handling and fulfilment. A long lasting, durable premium offering full digital colour reproduction. For convenience, pack into a Folding Card. The DropStop® Folding Card has 6 panels, measuring a total of 285mm x 168mm, which can accommodate logo and brand messaging. Or choose a standard black or white card with instructions.