Oenomust 42cl White Wine Glass

Oenomust 42cl White Wine Glass

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The Oenomust 42cl is recommended for white wines. Also an interesting option for craft beers. It is machine blown lead free crystal. Packed 6 glasses per box.

With the Oenomust range, Lehmann Glass has created an original product appealing to the different senses.

  • For the eye, the wine perfectly unveils its colour. Its amply-rounded shape makes it easy to swirl and gently aerate the wine at the bottom of the glass.
  • For the nose, the top of the bowl narrows towards the rim where it concentrates and focuses an exceptionally rich array of aromas.
  • For the mouth, the thinness of the rim enhances the perception of all the wine’s aromas.

“the Oenomust is quite simply a genuine flavour enhancer”
Gerard Basset, Master Sommelier & Master of Wine.


42 cl


H 203mm Ø 100mm


Beer Glasses, White Wine Glasses